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The Importance of Protecting Tree Roots

Tree owners know that regular tree maintenance is important to the long-term health, beauty, and value of a tree. Unfortunately, too many tree owners focus solely on the top part of the tree, such as leaf growth and tree pruning, and they completely overlook the maintenance and care of the tree roots. Tree roots are an extremely vulnerable but important part of the tree’s health. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at three reasons why tree roots are so important, and how proactive steps can help protect tree roots from damage.

Lifeline For Trees

Tree roots are lifelines for trees, as they are responsible for the stability and health of the tree. They transport water and nutrients from the surrounding soil to the other areas of the tree. Tree roots also help anchor the tree into the soil, preventing falls and allowing the tree to stabilize as the roots expand outwards. Ultimately, healthy tree roots lead to healthy trees that are better able to withstand threats to their health and stability such as drought, high winds, and tree diseases and insects.

Highly Vulnerable

Although tree roots grow underground, they are probably the most vulnerable and sensitive part of the tree. They can easily be damaged because of construction, or compromised due to soil compaction or contamination. When tree root damage or contamination occurs, this poses a significant threat to the tree’s long-term health, stability, beauty, and value. Tree roots have to work harder to compensate for the lost nutrients and strength, and the tree’s growth ultimately suffers.

Determine Future Growth

When tree roots are healthy, stable, and are given ample room to expand out from the tree, the tree has a much greater chance for a long life, bountiful shade, and years of enjoyment for the owners. Their ability to properly absorb nutrients and minerals, and expand underground, will determine future growth, health and stability. When trees are planted in tight spaces with little room for root expansion, they will not be able to grow to their full potential and will likely suffer from diminished health.

Trees are an important part of the Houston landscape, and Embark Services wholeheartedly believes that proper tree care includes regular fertilization and care for tree roots. Embark Services offers proactive and strategic methods for protecting tree roots and promoting their health, such as Deep Root Fertilization, Root Flare Excavation, and Soil Aeration. In addition, Embark Services also offers a full range of landscape and tree care services such as Landscape Maintenance, Tree Pruning, Tree Planting, Tree Removal, Irrigation Installation, and Weed Control Services. Contact Embark Services today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation today!