Root Flare Excavation

An example of root flare excavation, a service performed by Embark Services' Certified ArboristsThere are many ways a tree and its root system can be hindered in its growth, but not all symptoms are easily noticeable to the average property owner. A common obstacle to tree health is root girdling, which occurs when tree roots begin to grow around the base of the tree trunk, restricting the flow of oxygen, water, stored food reserves and other essential nutrients.

The most common sign of this is a tree trunk that shoots straight out from the ground and resembles a utility pole, with no root flare at the base of the trunk. Left untreated, root girdling will begin to impact the tree by defoliation, poor shoot elongation, diminished yields or branch dieback, ultimately resulting in tree death.

If you suspect your tree health may be compromised due to root girdling, Embark Services can assist through their Root Flare Excavation services. Their Certified Arborists will gently remove soil surrounding the tree to inspect the root collar for girdling roots wrapped around the trunk, root color deterioration, wires or twine still left from initial planting or excessive soil accumulation. The Root Flare Excavation process involves removing any roots, wires or other hindrances around the base so that the tree health can be sustained without damaging the existing root system. You can request a visit from their tree care experts to assess your tree health or tree care needs, or call Embark Services today for more information.

The quality of work performed is under American National Standard Institute for Tree Care Operations (ANSI 300). Tree, shrub, and other woody plant maintenance-Standard Practices.  All work performed is under the American National Standard.

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