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Four Construction Projects That Can Damage Your Tree Roots

Houston continues to be one of the top cities in the U.S. for new construction projects and development. Although new residential communities are wonderful additions to the greater Houston area, the reality is that many healthy shade trees can be threatened because of damage to the tree roots during the construction process. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at four types of construction projects that can threaten or damage tree roots, and how choosing the right tree care company can help protect trees during construction.

Building Construction or Expansion

All across the greater Houston area, there are hundreds of new homes and residential neighborhoods being built, many near existing shade trees. In addition, a growing number of Houstonians are buying older lots in historic or centrally located neighborhoods in order to tear down old homes and build new homes. Many of these teardown and rebuilding projects are on lots with mature and beautiful shade trees. Unfortunately, many building construction projects can damage tree roots because of heavy machinery compacting the surrounding soil or digging up or cutting major tree roots.

Pool Construction

Pools are a popular choice for Houston area homeowners because of our long period of warm weather. However, pool construction can also lead to tree root damage because of the process involved in digging and constructing the pool, as well as the pool’s exterior space. Not only can pool construction lead to severed or crushed tree roots, but they can also significantly limit the available space for tree roots to expand.

Fence Installation or Repair

The addition of fencing on residential lots can be important to increase security and privacy for property owners, but it can also be detrimental to existing shade trees on the property. Whether installing a wood fence, chain link fence, or brick fence walls, it is important that holes dug for fence posts and support posts do not damage or cut into vulnerable tree roots in the ground.

Irrigation Installation

Because of Houston’s long lasting hot weather, it’s crucial to keep lawns, trees, and plants watered well to protect their health. However, the high temperatures and humidity make the task more difficult, so many residential property owners choose irrigation systems to keep their property well hydrated. Installing a quality irrigation system is a smart investment, but the actual installation can jeopardize nearby tree roots if not done correctly. Irrigation systems often require the digging of trenches and holes all along the property, and this digging increases the likelihood of severed or damaged tree roots.

What is a property owner to do in order to protect trees and their root systems? The first step is to always consult with Embark Services before beginning any major construction or development projects on your residential property. Embark Services’s team of Landscape Professionals and Certified Arborists can assess your trees and property health to make recommendations for Tree Preservation Services during major construction projects. Our Tree Preservation Services involve creating a protective barrier around the perimeter of the tree to prevent damage to major tree roots, the trunk, or limbs. Trees are also better protected from soil compaction and soil contamination, as well as being watered on a regular basis to prevent tree stress.

In addition, Embark Services offers professional, safe, and efficient Irrigation Installation services to provide effective and strategic watering without sacrificing tree root health. Embark Services offers a full range of top-quality Tree Care Services for residential properties. Give Embark Services a call today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation!