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What To Do About Surface Tree Roots

As trees grow and mature, their delicate root system will expand outward from the tree, just like the limbs and branches. Although tree roots typically expand underground, they are not buried far below ground but instead stay much closer to the surface of the soil. Unfortunately for tree owners, some tree roots begin to appear above the soil surface, making the enjoyment and maintenance of a landscape much more difficult. Tree owners facing this situation need to take immediate action to ensure the health, longevity and stability of their valuable trees for years to come.

However, before taking any course of action, it is important for tree owners to understand the dangers of attempting to correct the problem of surface roots on their own. What might appear to be a simple solution for owners could actually cause significant tree damage or even tree death. First, tree owners need to avoid making the mistake of cutting back or removing tree roots. Tree root systems are extremely delicate, so any damage to these exposed roots can cause the tree to go into shock, or greatly diminish their ability to absorb water, oxygen or soil nutrients.

Next, tree owners need to avoid burying exposed tree roots in a deep layer of topsoil. Thick layers of topsoil can become compacted, greatly reducing the tree’s ability to obtain oxygen, water and other nutrients. In addition, heavy layers of topsoil can create a hospitable environment for invasive insects or tree diseases. Also, owners should not take corrective measures with surface tree roots until a Certified Arborist can confirm that the tree is healthy, otherwise any corrective measures can further damage or weaken the tree.

Tree owners dealing with unsightly, dangerous or inconvenient surface tree roots have three viable options for correction, but all three should only be performed by Certified Arborists who are expertly trained in all facets of tree health and safety. First, Certified Arborists can apply a thin layer of mineral-rich, loose topsoil on top of the surface roots, ensuring the roots are protected from lawn maintenance equipment and foot traffic, but also allowing the intake of oxygen and water.

Another great option for covering surface tree roots and eliminating the threat of injury is to have Landscape Professionals apply a layer of healthy, organic mulch around the tree. This ensures the tree is able to retain soil moisture and vital nutrients, but at a much lower cost than applying topsoil. Finally, one last option, although extreme, is to have the tree and its root system removed from the property altogether. If the tree is not in good health, or if the property owner will not lose any value or benefit by removing the tree in question, then Certified Arborists can safely and efficiently remove the tree and perform stump grinding to allow for future landscape projects.

If your surface tree roots are making lawn maintenance difficult, or making the property dangerous for foot traffic, then contact the Certified Arborists and Landscape Professionals of Embark Services today. Embark Services’s team of tree care and landscape experts can assess the current health of your trees and make recommendations for corrective measures that protects tree health and property values. Embark Services offers a full range of services including tree trimminglandscapingtree plantingtree removalirrigation installationsoil aerationsoil analysis, and tree disease and insect treatment. Contact Embark Services for more information about their tree care services, or go online to request a free consultation.