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The Many Dangers Of Broken Tree Limbs

With more icy weather hitting the Houston area recently, many homes and residential areas saw a large number of broken branches, fallen limbs and toppled trees throughout the city. While much of the debris has been removed for safety reasons, there are still many trees throughout the greater Houston area with large dangling limbs or broken branches still attached to trees. While property owners might not consider this to be a major problem, these broken and damaged limbs pose a huge threat to personal safety and nearby property, so tree service professionals should be called to remove them immediately.

Allowing dangling branches to remain on trees creates a large number of dangers to property owners, other individuals and nearby property. First, these cracked and hanging branches can cause serious injury or even death to property owners since they could fall down at any time. Children are at a higher risk of injury since they might be tempted to play near or pull down the branch on their own, causing the branch to break off completely and crush them. Because cracked tree limbs are mostly detached from the main tree base, the tree limb will quickly decay, making it extremely unstable and dangerous to individuals. However, property owners should never attempt to remove toppled trees, broken limbs or dangling tree branches on their own because of the high risk of injury or death.

Broken or hanging tree limbs also pose a serious threat to nearby property. These branches can easily fall on rooftops, cars, homes, fences or other structures, causing significant damage. The cost to have broken or dangling limbs removed by tree service professionals is far less than the cost to repair a damaged roof, a crushed car or a downed fence.

Finally, allowing broken or hanging branches to remain on trees creates a huge eyesore for a homeowner. Homeowners might face fines from their Homeowners Association for leaving broken limbs dangling from their trees. Additionally, property owners might lose property value because of the unsafe and unsightly appearance of the damaged trees. Also, broken limbs can sometimes leave gaping wounds in trees, making them more susceptible to tree diseases and insect infestations, further decreasing the aesthetic value and tree health.

If your trees have broken limbs or dangling branches, contact the tree service professionals of Embark Services immediately. Embark Services’s team of tree care experts will safely and efficiently remove broken and damaged tree limbs and clear away all debris to ensure your property remains safe and healthy. Embark Services offers a full range of tree care services to the greater Houston area, including tree trimmingtree removaltree plantingcabling and bracing, and deep root fertilization. Contact Embark Services today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.