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What Happens When a Drought Makes Your Tree More Fruitful?

With the recent drought conditions in Houston, many tree owners saw their fruit and nut trees suffer greatly last year with weakened trees and diminished production. This was especially true for pecan trees in Texas. In order to survive last year’s drought, pecan trees produced significantly fewer pecans with the purpose of storing much-needed energy since there was little rain to help promote growth and provide nutrients.

This year, the increase in rain has provided pecan trees an opportunity to expend their stored reserves from last year, which is resulting in very heavy pecan production. While pecan tree owners are likely grateful for the increase in pecan yield, their fruitful abundance does come with a high cost – tree branches that are physically unable to withstand the added weight of the high volume of pecans. Pecan tree owners may start to see their branches tearing apart, or even completely splitting from the tree.

Embark Services can help property owners facing this situation by performing a thorough structural analysis of your pecan trees and provide recommendations to help your pecan trees thrive for many seasons to come. Their Certified Arborists can also assist with cabling and bracing for weakened trees and tree debris removal for fallen branches. Call Embark Services today at 713-462-3261 or request a visit for your tree’s structural analysis. Contact Embark Services today for more information.