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The Dangers of Unsafe Trees, Part One

Residential property owners will often make improvements and upgrades to make their landscape as safe as possible. However, trees on residential properties can sometimes pose a threat to pedestrians, vehicles, and nearby structures. In this two-part blog series, we’ll first look at three ways trees can become unsafe over time, and then highlight three ways unsafe trees can pose a threat to residential properties.

Diseased or Infested Trees

No matter how healthy or mature a tree may be, a tree disease or invasive insect can attack at any time, and often property owners have no idea the tree is under attack until it’s too late. Tree diseases and invasive insects can weaken and even kill a tree when left untreated, and these trees can become unsafe. In addition, tree diseases and invasive insects can also spread on a residential property and attack other healthy trees and plants.

Damaged or Wounded Trees

During the course of a tree’s life, it may suffer damages or wounds from any variety of causes, including nearby construction, windstorms, over pruning, lightning strikes, or coming into contact with live power lines. Damaged trees may have dangling dead branches, gaping wounds, or dangerous cracks that pose a threat to nearby people and property. In addition, severe tree wounds can attract diseases and insects that can further diminish tree health.

Unstable or Uneven Trees

Trees can also become unsafe due to uneven or unstable growth. Some tree varieties are pruned incorrectly at a young age, causing the tree to grow unevenly with heavy branches or crowns. In addition, some trees grow with co-dominant trunks with v-crotch unions instead of the more stable u-shaped unions. A tree with a v-crotch union is much more likely to split and break apart due to stress caused by windstorms, lightning, or other factors.

Unsafe trees can threaten the safety, beauty, and value of a residential property. Instead of waiting for disaster to strike, it is much better to protect tree assets with proactive tree care from Embark Services. Embark Services’s team of Certified Arborists inspect and maintain trees of all types and sizes to ensure years of health, stability, and beauty. Embark Services offers a full range of top-quality tree care services, including tree pruning, tree planting, cabling and bracing, deep root fertilization, disease and insect treatment, root flare excavation, and tree removal. Contact Embark Services today for more information, or go online to request a free consultation!