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Preserve Tree Health By Protecting Tree Roots

Trees are an important part of our natural landscape, providing shade, beauty and value to residential properties throughout the greater Houston area. Healthy and mature shade trees add tremendous value to residents and neighborhoods, so it is critical to preserve and protect their health whenever possible. However, many property owners cause undue damage to their trees because they fail to properly protect the root systems of their trees, leading to instability and tree death.

One of the biggest contributing factors to tree damage in the Houston area is damage to the root systems caused by flooding or standing water. Because of Houston’s lower elevation and susceptibility to heavy rains in all seasons, there are often several times throughout the year when Houston area properties experience flooding and standing water. When trees are subjected to standing water for long periods of time, it can cause a myriad of problems both above ground and below in the root system. First, standing water can make it difficult for trees to receive oxygen and other essential nutrients, causing the root system to become weakened. Trees cut off from oxygen resources become weakened and their overall health can be impacted for months or even years. This makes the tree more susceptible to tree diseases and insect infestations, which can severely damage the tree or lead to tree death.

Additionally, when trees are subjected to heavy saturation from standing water or flooding, the root system can become unstable and the tree can topple, causing major property damage or personal injury. This is especially true for younger trees or uneven trees that are not properly braced or secured. Even if there is no major property damage or personal injury caused by falling or leaning trees, there can be collateral damage in the form of damaged walkways, landscapesirrigation systems or nearby utility lines.

Tree damage caused by flooding or standing water can result in thousands of dollars in repairs for residential property owners. Owners lose out on the aesthetic and financial benefits of their mature shade tree have to pay for tree removal services, as well as tree replacement and any other secondary repairs. However, property owners can take proactive measures to ensure their trees survive flooding or saturation from heavy rains.

Embark Services is pleased to offer residential property owners in the greater Houston area proactive tree care services to protect the long-term health of trees. Embark Services’s proactive tree care services include tree trimming of broken or dead branches, cabling and bracing uneven or young trees, and applying treatment for tree diseases and invasive pests. Embark Services’s team of skilled and degreed Certified Arborists, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment coupled with industry-leading and award-winning safety techniques, performs these proactive tree care services. Embark Services can ensure the health, beauty and value of trees on residential sites for generations to come, so contact Embark Services for more information, or go online to request a free consultation.