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The Importance Of ANSI Compliance In Tree Care

In 1918, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) was created to develop a system of norms and conformity assessments for businesses to follow with the purpose of strengthening American industries. These voluntary industry standards help assure the safety and health of businesses by protecting employees and consumers, and ensuring workplace safety and environmental protection. These standards impact all areas of American industry, such as manufacturing, food production, energy distribution and even tree care. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at the importance of ANSI compliance in tree care, and what it means for residential property owners.

ANSI Standards for Tree Care

ANSI promotes the A300 standards for the Tree Care industry, meaning that tree work is performed to a set of standards in regards to how exactly trees are pruned and maintained. Professional tree care companies that comply with ANSI A300 prune trees in accordance to the set guidelines that ensure sound practices. In addition, trees are removed or planted in accordance with set standards to ensure a long and vibrant life for trees. ANSI A300 standards also detail which older tree care techniques should be avoided for the sake of tree health.

ANSI Standards for Worker Safety

Another added benefit of compliance with ANSI standards in tree care is that tree care workers are much safer than those working for tree care companies that ignore these standards. Because of the high level of risk in the tree care industry, ANSI A300 standards were developed to better protect tree care workers from falls, worksite injuries while operating equipment, and electrocutions. Tree care companies that adhere to ANSI workplace standards have much fewer worksite incidents, injuries and deaths than those that do not adhere.

ANSI Standards Protect Clients

When tree care companies comply with ANSI A300 industry standards, their clients are much safer as well. The risk for personal injury or property damage is decreased significantly because of better safety standards during tree pruning, tree removal, and other forms of tree maintenance. ANSI A300 ultimately reduces liability and ensures a safer worksite for everyone involved.

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