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How Do I Choose The Right Tree For My Property?

Trees add tremendous value, beauty and environmental benefits to residential properties of all sizes. For these reasons, many property owners wish to add trees to their property, but this is not a decision to enter into lightly. Choosing the right tree for your property makes all the difference when it comes to future tree health and longevity. Choosing the wrong tree for your property can lead to stunted tree growth, lack of shade, increased tree maintenance, and even tree death. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a new tree for your property.

Why Do I Want To Add A Tree?

An important first step in choosing a tree is determining exactly why a tree is needed. If the tree is for shading and cooling purposes, then some tree types will grow taller and wider than others for optimal shade. Alternatively, property owners that desire trees for security purposes, or to have their own fruit trees, will need to know which trees grow best in our type of soil and climate.  Simply choosing a tree based on looks without any regard for the tree type, native climate, or growth patterns will often lead to a wasted investment and frustration for the property owner.

Location, Location, Location

It’s commonly said that real estate is all about “location, location, location.” When it comes to tree planting, location is also of the utmost importance when planting a new tree on a residential property. Property owners need to be aware of tree location factors that could impact future growth, such as nearby power lines, room for tree root expansion, and nearby structures. Specific tree types need ample room for branch and limb growth, as well as soil space for root systems to develop and expand.  Not properly considering the tree’s location and future growth will result in poor growth for years to come.

Consider The Work Ahead

Finally, a very important factor to consider when choosing a new tree to add to your property is how much maintenance this tree type requires. Some tree species require frequent, heavy tree pruning, while others require little pruning or shaping maintenance. In addition, property owners should also consider the tree’s watering needs, and if they would prefer evergreen trees or trees that shed their leaves each winter.  Property owners that understand their new tree’s specific needs and future maintenance will end up with healthier trees in years to come.  

Choosing the right tree for your property is a very important decision. Embark Services can help with professional Tree Planting Services, lead by their experienced and expert Certified Arborists. Embark Services’s Certified Arborists can identify your soil type and nutrient levels, identify optimal property locations for planting, recommend ideal tree species for your specific tree needs, and perform safe, correct and efficient tree planting for years of tree enjoyment. Contact Embark Services for more information on their Tree Planting Services, or go online to request a free consultation.