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Does My Tree Need To Be Removed?

Mature trees offer residential property owners a wide range of important benefits, but trees can also become hazardous over time if not properly maintained. Unfortunately, too many property owners fail to get hazardous trees removed in time to prevent damages or injuries. Most of the delay comes because property owners do not know if their tree should even be removed. In today’s blog post, we look at three common reasons to support tree removal on a residential property.

Tree Disease or Damage

One of the most common causes of tree removal on residential properties is tree diseases or tree damage. Trees that are not treated promptly for tree diseases can become weak and unstable over time, jeopardizing nearby property and people. The same is also true for damaged trees since broken limbs and cracked tree trunks can collapse and cause severe damage at any time. Trees suffering from substantial diseases and damages should always be removed as soon as possible to eliminate the threat of severe damages or personal injury.

Threatens Nearby Structures or Landmarks

Another reason to consider having a tree removed from a residential property, even a healthy tree, is if the tree or major limbs threaten nearby buildings, structures, or landmarks. Trees can pose a threat if their limbs begin to grow too close to buildings, or if the tree roots begin to damage building foundations. If trees require constant and severe pruning to prevent limbs from growing too close to buildings, utility areas, or other structures, then it makes sense to remove the tree to prevent potential tree damage as well as reducing future maintenance and pruning costs.

Outgrowing the Location

Although mature trees are often long desired in Houston because of the ample shade and beauty they provide, in reality large trees can also cause problems for property owners when they outgrow tree planting locations. Some trees do not get planted in optimal locations, and they can quickly outgrow their location and lack the proper soil and space to thrive. In addition, trees with dense foliage can create problems for lawns and gardens as they can block out needed sunlight, causing grass and garden decline.

Trees can be assets for a residential property, but they can also become a liability over time. It is crucial that property owners know when to have trees removed from their land before any property damages or personal injuries occur. Embark Services employs Certified Arborists that are experts in all facets of tree care, and they can evaluate residential trees to make recommendations on whether or not trees should be removed. In addition to Tree Structure Evaluations and Tree Removal, Embark Services also offers Tree Pruning, Tree Planting, Deep Root Fertilization, Tree Preservation, Cabling and Bracing, Stump Grinding, and Root Flare Excavation. Call Embark Services today for more information on our Tree Removal Services or go online to request a free consultation.