Do It Yourself vs. Hiring a Tree Care Professional – What Can I Do With My Own Trees?

Many property owners have to decide how best to handle tree maintenance throughout the year.  While some opt to perform the work themselves, many others wisely choose to let tree care professionals, such as the team of Certified Arborists from Embark Services, handle their tree maintenance needs.  Allowing a team of tree care professionals to tend to your property is a smart decision since many property owners would rather spend that time and energy on more important priorities, and may not have the skills, physical ability or equipment needed to properly maintain their trees.  If you are undecided as to what you should or should handle on your own, consider the following tree care issues:

•Work on trees and shrubs that do not require a ladder. Prune out small dead and broken branches within reach of a handsaw, pole saw or pole pruner.  To ensure your personal safety, have someone hold the ladder steady and to assist you as you need various tools to perform the pruning. 

• Be very cautious when pruning branches directly overhead. They can sometimes tear or fall unexpectedly during pruning. Remember even smaller trees that require a ladder can be dangerous.

• Apply a 2-4 inch layer of wood chips or organic mulch over the root zone. This will help retain moisture and provide beneficial organic material to the tree roots.

• Have trees inspected regularly for disease or decay in order to prevent hazards in the tree.

If you have more significant tree maintenance to be performed on your property, contact the Certified Arborists of Embark Services.  They can safely and efficiently handle your tree pruningdeep root fertilization and tree cabling and bracing needs.  Their expert tree work will keep your trees in optimal health, ensuring a long life and better protection against severe storms and harsh weather conditions

For more information, request a consultation with their tree care team, or contact Embark Services directly with your questions.