Handling Damaged Trees With Care

For much of Houston’s urban forest, spring 2009 will be a much needed rebirth following the damage left behind by Hurricane Ike. In contrast to the blossoming green hue, however, are the reminders of those destructive winds. Many homeowners and property managers are just now finding evidence of damage as portions of their trees’ canopies fail to emerge with new growth.

Recently, an alarming number of prospective clients have approached us for second opinions regarding the topping of trees. Uninformed tree “cutters” have proposed topping their trees as a means of restoring the trees’ health. Butchering your trees in this manner can provide a short-term false sense of security. However, the practice of topping has far greater long-term costs than benefits. Topping cuts result in wounds that allow the rapid spread of decay. At the same time, sprouts growing from these cuts become weaker and eventually break.

As an alternative, Embark Services’s team of ISA Certified Arborists recommends handling your trees with care. By limiting tree pruning to the removal of deadwood and broken limbs, the remaining canopy will have the capacity to photosynthesize and nourish itself back to health. In extreme cases, large damaged limbs may be preserved through the use of selective thinning, cabling, or bracing. Lastly, we encourage all of our customers to deep root fertilize their trees in order to ensure the availability of the nutrients necessary for spring growth. Fertilization is especially important for trees that must overcome the effects of storm damage.

The Arborists of Embark Services Tree and Landscape Services are ready to help prepare your trees and shrubs for the rebirth of spring. Call 713-462-3261 or visit our website www.LMCservices.com today for a free estimate!