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Certified Arborist Can Help Before, After Hurricane

Do you remember Hurricane Ike? The best approach to hurricane season is to make plans before and after a hurricane with a Certified Arborist.  Properly maintaining your trees will help eliminate hazards and reduce their threat to your family and property.

Tree pruning not only eliminates hazardous deadwood and decayed limbs, but also provides more even weight distribution in the canopy. Your risk can further be reduced by removing dead or diseased trees.

An arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture can make a professional assessment of your trees and recommend steps to prepare your property for a hurricane.  A Certified Arborist can also help you identify trees which are dead, dying, or in irreparable decay. In these extreme cases, the hazard may necessitate a tree removal.

After a hurricane, homeowners need to be aware of their choices before removing or treating trees. A certified arborist will tell you that some trees can be saved while others will be better off as firewood, though it may look devastating.

Preventing injuries and property damage are easy determining factors before removing a tree. Some reasons to chop down a leaning tree include the likelihood that it will fall on a person or building.  If the lower trunk of a tree is cracked or broken, the remaining trunk will most likely fall. Removal makes more sense since the crack will not close and the tree remains a safety risk.

Removal is the best course when the major roots are severed or broken. Medium-aged and mature trees with damaged roots should not be because they are unstable and unsafe. Large roots are required for large trees for structural support.  Embark Services can assist with cabling and bracing services to ensure your tree’s stability and longevity for years to come and through all types of inclement weather.

When making plans for hurricane season, a call to Embark Services should be first. Contact Embark Services directly for more information, or request a free consultation today.