Celebrate Arbor Day By Planting Trees

When it comes to protecting your assets, risk mitigation works just as well for your property as for your financial investments.  Planting trees on your property, or properly maintaining existing mature trees are proven ways to increase the value of your home by eliminating risks and costs.  When tree trimming and tree maintenance is overlooked, your trees can become liabilities instead of the long-term assets they should be for you as a property owner.  This Arbor Day, make trees a priority on your property through planting new trees on your property, or by getting proper tree trimming and maintenance performed on your existing, mature trees.

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, a single tree over the span of 50 years can:

  • Generate $31,250 worth of oxygen
  • Provide $62,000 worth of air pollution control
  • Recycle $37,500 worth of water
  • Prevent $31,500 worth of soil erosion

A tree should be seen as a multi-generational investment. If you see your property as something that will be passed on, imagine grandchildren and great-grandchildren enjoying it for years to come. The type of tree, location and the care it receives will determine if you will become a beneficiary of nature.

Some of the reasons that proper tree care and tree maintenance easily makes your home more marketable and valuable include:

  • Mature, well pruned trees provide privacy and noise reduction
  • Removing overhanging branches improves the view from your home
  • Tree trimming adds targeted light to a house or garden
  • Pruning lets in more light and air to let trees grow stronger after pruning and extends their life
  • Reducing energy costs with shade in the summer and as a partial wind barrier during the winter
  • Tree shaping can add symmetry, making the tree more visually appealing
  • Removing weak or diseased trees and branches lessens the potential of harm to family, friends, neighbors and surrounding property

If you desire long-lasting, healthy trees that add aesthetic and financial value to your property for years to come, contact the Certified Arborists of Embark Services.  Their tree care experts can help you select the perfect trees for your property, factoring in your soil type, irrigation needs, shade and nearby property.  Their Certified Arborists will help select the perfect trees to complement your lawns and landscape gardens, and then make sure they are planted and well-established for a healthy lifespan.  In addition, Embark Services’s Certified Arborists can prune and shape your existing mature trees to maximize their health and enhance their natural beauty. 

In addition to tree planting and tree trimming, Embark Services is also pleased to offer deep root fertilization, and tree removal for trees on your property that have not survived the recent Texas droughts.  Embark Services is Houston’s premiere single-source tree care company, so give them a call or request a consultation today.