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Choose An Expert Tree Care Company, Not a Buddy For Tree Removal

Everyone has a relative or a friend eager to help with tree removal.  Although it is great to have friends and family willing to help you, do they have the knowledge and equipment to do the job safely? Most property owners run through this dilemma all too often, and will sometimes make the risky decision to have friends help instead of making the wise, safer decision to let tree care professionals tackle tree removal needs.

Hiring an experienced, Accredited tree service provider with a positive reputation, comprehensive insurance, and safety permits beats price and concerns about liability any day.

Basic tree service providers possess enough insurance to take care of any of their employees on the job and anything else that may happen. However, still be sure to ask the company for their insurance company and then follow up with a phone call. Homeowners could be responsible for damages and injuries that occur.  In addition, basic tree care companies can remove a tree quickly because they’ve been trained and they do it every day, but it takes more than a truck and a chainsaw to be considered a professional tree care company.

Permits and accreditations take the mystery out of hiring someone. Many local and state governments require contractors to apply for licenses to work.  Also, look for professional organizations like the International Society of Arboriculture or the Tree Care Industry Association. A Certified Arborist is a specialist in the care of individual trees and more than a tree cutter.

Larger professional firms, such as Embark Services, invest in the tools and safety equipment needed to do the job right and without incident. Safety and customer satisfaction should go hand in hand when maintaining the trees on your property.

Besides tree removal, a good tree care company can:

  • Prune to maintain or improve the health, appearance and safety of the trees
  • Perform emergency tree care after a storm by safely removing trees and limbs from homes, cars, others trees and structures
  • Plant trees that are appropriate for a specific location, taking into consideration factors such as limited growing space, insects, diseases or poor growth.

Ensure the health of your trees and large shrubs with a comprehensive tree care program to protect their health and your property values.  Embark Services is pleased to offer a wide range of tree care services, from selecting the right tree and size for your location, to ongoing tree pruning and deep root fertilization, to insect and infestation treatment to tree removal for trees damaged during severe weather conditions.  At Embark Services, our job is to provide the absolute best tree care service in Houston at competitive rates, giving you peace of mind that your trees will enjoy a long and vibrant life.  For more information, request a consultation from one of our many Certified Arborists, or contact Embark Services directly with any questions you may have.