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Contact A Certified Arborist To Prepare For Hurricanes

Tropical depressions provide a dress rehearsal for hurricane season but Houston residents should be ready for the real thing by planning and preparing ahead of the storm, minimizing the risk for tree damage or storm damage.

Fallen trees accounted for 40 percent of all insurance claims after Hurricane Ike, according to one source. While Mother Nature is out of our control, being proactive and accountable for the trees in our yards could minimize cost and damage to your family, home and neighbors.

Tree damage can be minimized during storms and hurricanes through proactive tree work from Embark Services.

Don’t let fear drive you to remove a large tree close to the house without the opinion of an Certified Arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. Our tree professionals can help you avoid higher utility bills, a barren landscape, and guilt.

Trees closest to your home may serve as a wind buffer, so it is essential to maintain their tree health and protect the tree structure. A Certified Arborist can determine if the tree is structurally sound and possesses an intact root system.

Tree pruning can reduce property damage from hurricanes, tropical systems and high winds. By eliminating dead and weak branches and selectively thinning as needed, proper pruning techniques by a Certified Arborist allow the wind to blow through the canopy of the tree. Remember to have no more than 25 percent of the canopy removed.

Before hurricane season, certain types of trees should not be planted or should be removed. Young trees with shallow roots and brittle wood and branches cause the most damage during hurricane force winds. Again, a Certified Arborist can give specifics on which trees to secure or remove ahead of time.

While a hurricane has not hit the Gulf Coast yet, awareness and preparedness should receive the highest priority. Let a Certified Arborist from Embark Services help you keep your home, family and neighbors safe. Request a free estimate or contact Embark Services for more information.