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Ways To Make Your Trees More Stable

In Texas, shade trees are some of the most valuable parts of a residential property because of the beauty they add and the shade they provide. However, trees can become unstable either because they aren’t planted properly, or they suffer weather damage and environmental stress. In today’s Embark Services blog post, we discuss some ways to help make trees more stable on residential properties to prevent further damage or tree toppling.

Mulching and Irrigation

One way to improve the stability of trees on your property is through the application of healthy organic mulch and regular irrigation. Too often, trees can become weak because they lack hydration, either because of low rainfall levels or because of a malfunctioning irrigation system. When trees are watered regularly, they stay much healthier. In addition, the application of organic mulch also helps by protecting moisture levels around the tree and reducing invasive weed growth.

Deep Root Fertilization

Another way to make trees more stable is to improve the root health of the tree. Trees depend on their complex root system to provide essential soil nutrients and minerals, as well as oxygen and water. A healthy root system expands further out over time, making the tree more stable in its planted location. Deep Root Fertilization helps by providing fertilizer directly to tree roots to boost their health and provide nutrients that may be lacking in their soil.

Cabling and Bracing

Sometimes trees need just a little bit of extra help to keep them secure, especially if they’re young, damaged, or weak due to environmental stresses like drought. In these situations, Cabling and Bracing services can be a tremendous help as they keep the tree in place and secure in the event of high winds, nearby construction, or other issues that can jeopardize tree health. When done by professionals, Cabling and Bracing services can help ensure that the tree grows strong and stable until it’s able to stay upright on its own.

Embark Services offers residential property owners a wide range of tree care services to help protect vulnerable or valuable trees from damage or loss. Embark Services’s teams of Certified Arborists perform each job with the utmost professionalism, safety, and care to ensure years of good tree health. Contact Embark Services today at 713-688-2435 for more information, or fill out our online form to request a free consultation today!