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How To Know When A Large Tree Needs Removal

Few things are as majestic, beautiful, and valuable than a large shade tree in Texas, especially during the summer months. Unfortunately, tall and established trees can become a problem for residential property owners over time. The important question for owners to consider is whether or not to remove their large tree. The answer will largely depend on two factors: the problem affecting the tree, and who will be diagnosing and removing the tree. In today’s blog post, we look at how to know when a large tree needs to be removed, and why the tree company handling the tree’s care makes such a difference.

When A Tree Should Be Removed

Because of the value and beauty trees provide, it is important to only remove trees as a last resort. Trees can become extremely unstable and dangerous due to strong windstorm damages or hurricanes, equipment or vehicle damage, lightning strikes, tree diseases, and insect infestations. A tree that has become rotten or severely cracked should never be allowed to remain on a property. Additionally, trees can be a threat to nearby property such as utility lines, homes, and structures if they are initially planted in incorrect locations. For these reasons, a tree will likely need to be removed to prevent any property damages or personal injuries.

When A Tree Can Be Saved

Thankfully, not all trees need to be removed when there is a problem. In many cases, treatment or corrective measures can be taken to preserve the health, stability, and life of a tree. For example, a tree that is unstable due to leaning or a broken limb can be stabilized with Cabling and Bracing Services. Additionally, if a tree is diagnosed early with girdling roots, tree diseases or insect infestations, professional treatment options by Certified Arborists can save the health of the tree and prevent complete tree removal. For residential property owners with beautiful trees planted in wrong locations, tree removal and relocation may be a possible solution.

Why Your Tree Care Company Matters

The reason tree care companies can make all the difference when it comes to tree removal is that professional tree care companies are committed to preserving the life of the tree, while amateur and mom-and-pop tree crews simply want to make a quick dollar by cutting down the tree. Amateur, untrained tree crews and day laborers do not know how to properly diagnose and treat tree diseases or insect infestations, and will likely recommend complete tree removal rather than trying to save the tree. In addition, they often do not have the training or equipment to perform Cabling and Bracing services, or to handle strategic Tree Pruning in a way that doesn’t harm the tree further. Reputable tree care companies with Certified Arborists understand all facets of tree care and tree biology, and can ensure that property owners enjoy their trees for as long as possible.

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