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Do Your Trees Pose A Risk To People and Property?

Although trees can be the most beautiful and appealing part of a residential property, they can also be the most dangerous because of the risk they pose due to their size and location. In today’s Embark Services post, we discuss some tree risk factors that should be investigated and dealt with before they cause harm to nearby people and property, and how Embark Services can help.

How They're Growing

Over time, trees can become a major risk to people and property simply because of how they’re growing, or in some cases, how they’re not growing. For example, a tree that is leaning to one side may need cabling and bracing services since it’s at a higher risk for toppling over onto nearby buildings and injuring people. Additionally, some trees may be growing well, but with overgrown limbs and branches that need to be pruned back for safety reasons.

Where They're Growing

Another factor that increases risks with trees is their location on a residential property. For instance, trees that are planted too close to utility lines can come into contact with live electrical lines, causing fires and power outages to nearby homes and structures. In addition, tree roots can cause cracks and damages to sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, building foundations, and other flat surfaces and property when planted too close.

Other External Factors

Even if trees on your property grow well and are maintained on a regular basis, they can still be negatively impacted by external factors, making them a greater risk to people and property. Trees can be damaged by a windstorm or other severe weather, leading to cracked branches or tree wounds. In addition, stresses such as tree disease, drought, or soil compaction can also lead to weakened trees, increasing the risk of trees toppling over.

In order to promote tree growth and ensure many years of tree health and stability, Embark Services can help provide exceptional tree care for your residential property. Our team of Certified Arborists can evaluate the risk factors impacting your trees and make recommendations to improve stability and health, including Tree Pruning, Cabling and Bracing, Tree Planting, Deep Root Fertilization, and Tree Removal. Contact Embark Services today at 713-688-2435 for more information, or fill out our online form to request a free consultation!