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How Much Are My Trees Really Worth?

Although many property owners have a general idea that trees add value to a property, few owners understand just how valuable healthy shade trees can be on a residential property. In addition to offering an aesthetic benefit to properties, tree can provide a financial value to property owners that pay both immediate and long-term dividends. Today’s blog post will look at how much trees can really be worth and what types of benefits they offer residential property owners.

Assigning A Dollar Value

According to the Arbor Day Foundation, one healthy and mature shade tree provides just over $162,200 in benefits to property owners. One tree can remove and clean over 1 ton of carbon dioxide from the air, which is critical in a commuter city like Houston with thousands of cars on our roadways every minute. In a 50-year life span, a single tree generates oxygen, provides air pollution control, recycles water, and controls soil erosion. All of these environmental benefits provide financial savings by providing cleaner, healthier air as well as promoting cleaner water and reducing soil erosion.

Financial Savings

Healthy shade trees reduce our dependence on energy and lower overall energy costs throughout the year by cooling properties during the summer and blocking strong winds during the winter. When planted in strategic locations, trees decrease our need for constant air conditioning as the property is naturally cooled by the tree shade. In addition, properties are protected from the damages and exposure from strong winter wind gusts when trees are planted near homes or other structures.

Increase Curb Appeal

Depending on the size, health, and species, mature trees can add between $2,000 and $10,000 to a property’s actual value. Landscaped and well-maintained residential properties have much better resale value than those without healthy shade trees. Beautiful shade trees can help disguise less appealing areas of a home, and can provide a positive focal point for the property, especially in areas with little foliage or greenspace.

Promote Tranquility

Trees can help foster calm and peaceful environments, which can reduce key stress levels for those in high stress environments or who are recovering from physical or mental ailments. A recent study by the University of Chicago demonstrated the positive effects on health when people live and work near large trees. Residential owners may experience more calm and peaceful moments because of their majestic shade trees.

If own a residential property, the trees on your property have an inherent value and should be well maintained to protect their value. Embark Services Services can help, with a full range of professional, efficient tree care services, all performed by Certified Arborists who adhere to all tree care safety standards and practices. Embark Services offers Tree Pruning, Tree Planting, Deep Root Fertilization, Cabling and Bracing, Tree Preservation Services, Root Flare Excavation, and Tree Removal. Contact Embark Services today for more information, or go online to submit a request for a free consultation!