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How To Care For New Trees

There are a large number of Houstonians with new trees to plant on their residential property. Some homeowners receive young fruit and nut trees as Christmas gifts from loved ones, while others may purchase trees to add shade or privacy to their residential space. Trees are always beautiful and valuable assets to any residential property, which is why it is essential to give them proper care from the start to ensure years of beauty, health and enjoyment. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at three important tips for caring for new, young trees for maximum tree health.

Location, Location, Location

One of the biggest factors in determining the future success of a new tree is the location for tree planting. Too often, young trees are doomed from the start because of poor planting locations. For example, trees planted too close to homes may have diminished growth because of the lack of space for root expansion. In addition, some trees may be planted too close to other trees and plants that will be competing for vital nutrients such as soil minerals, water and sunlight. Instead, trees should be planted in open areas farther from homes, utility lines and other mature trees.

Soil Health

Before planting trees, it is important to also assess the health of the surrounding soil to ensure optimal growth conditions. Trees planted in compacted soil will experience poor root health because of the difficulty in absorbing moisture and other soil nutrients. Additionally, soil health can be compromised due to contamination from toxins, or incorrect pH levels within the soil. These soil problems can lead to diminished growth and poor tree health, making the tree more susceptible to invasive tree diseases or insect infestations.

Proper Long-Term Maintenance

After finding the ideal location for tree planting, and assessing soil health, it is important for young trees to get consistent, proactive maintenance to promote health and future growth. Young trees need regular watering and strategic pruning to ensure stable and healthy growth. Without regular, consistent amounts of watering and regular tree pruning, young trees can grow unevenly and be a future threat to nearby homes, fences, people or other property.

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