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18 Jan 2019
What You Should Know About Crepe Myrtle Trees

What You Should Know About Crepe Myrtle Trees

Texas is home to many tree types, but few are as popular among local homeowners as crepe myrtles. They offer stunning beauty for many months of the year while also providing valuable shade. While many residential properties feature crepe myrtles, not all receive good care or maintenance. In today's Embark blog post, we look at some of the basic facts homeowners should know about their crepe myrtle trees and the proper way to maintain their health and beauty throughout the year.

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17 Jul 2015
Beware Of These Tree Dangers

Beware Of These Tree Dangers

Owning a tree comes with a myriad of benefits and long-term advantages, such as much-needed shade, beauty, privacy, cleaner air, and reduced cooling and energy costs. However, not all trees grow up to be beautiful and safe additions to a property. Unfortunately, some trees grow in such a way that nearby buildings, structures, and even people are at risk of damage or injury. In today's blog post, we'll look at three key tree dangers that residential property owners should look for in order to avoid potential damages, injuries, or major disasters.

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